How to Enjoy the Bible
By E.W. Bullinger

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ISBN-10:  082542027X
ISBN-13:  9780825420276
Publisher:  Kregel Publications
Dates:  1990
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  464
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How to Enjoy the Bible by E.W. Bullinger

Description: How to Enjoy the Bible: 12 Basic Principles for Understanding God's Word. Most Christians know they should study the Bible more but many find it confusing and hard to understand-much less to enjoy. In this classic book on Bible study, biblical scholar E. W. Bullinger provides a handbook for discovery, understanding, and enjoyment of the Bible's truths. How to Enjoy the Bible is a classic introduction to your study of God's Word, E. W. Bullinger guides you in the adventure of open and honest study of the Scripture from within-allowing it to speak for itself. He introduces twelve practical principles of interpretation that make inductive Bible study come alive! How to Enjoy the Bible establishes the integrity and trustworthiness of Scripture based on its own internal evidence. All believers will be encouraged by discovering how to read, study, and enjoy the sacred contents of the Bible.

From the Introduction: The root of all evils which abound in the spiritual sphere at the present day lies in the fact that the Word and the words of God are not fed upon, digested, and assimilated, as they ought to be. If we ask the question, Why is this the case? the answer is, The Bible is not enjoyed because the Bible is not understood. The methods and rules by which alone such as understanding may be gained are not known or followed; hence the Bible is a neglected book.